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Manufactured Homes: One Answer for California’s Affordable Housing Shortage

June 22nd, 2021

A significant challenge for many residents in California today relates to high – and rising – housing prices, with relatively few new home developments under construction. These issues place a burden on families being able to find affordable homes of their own, particularly for first-time home buyers, despite home loan interest rates remaining near historically low levels.

Affordable Housing in California

Too many California residents are currently experiencing or are on the edge of homelessness because of rising home prices and rental costs throughout the state. As demand spiked from buyers looking for retreats from bigger cities during the COVID pandemic, real estate prices have been inflated by aggressive bidding and multiple offers on scarce homes for sale, often pushing locals beyond their affordability range.

Several legislative proposals have been raised over the years, but effective comprehensive solutions for the statewide housing challenge have remained elusive, as affordable housing supplies have failed to match increasing demand.

Manufactured housing may offer some relief to our affordable housing challenge.

What Is a Manufactured Home?

People often have preconceived notions when considering living in manufactured homes, also known as mobile homes. This may be due in part to a perception that has persisted over the years that the quality of mobile homes is inferior to that of traditionally built brick-and-mortar houses.

Today, mobile homes have become a viable solution to California’s affordable housing shortage and modern manufactured homes are built with new technologies that make them very durable, pleasant looking, more affordable and already assembled before they get to the home site.

Benefits of Manufactured Homes

Here is why manufactured homes are good choices for more affordable housing:

  • They are usually much less expensive to build and purchase than brick-and-mortar homes
  • Modern manufactured homes have a much lower rate of depreciation than their predecessors
  • They can be equipped with energy-efficient systems and many are fitted with ENERGY STAR appliances
  • They are built according to strict state and federal regulations and are subject to quality-control inspections prior to leaving the factory and being transported to the final home site
  • New manufactured homes often come with warranties, which can make repairs faster and easier than it is for owners of traditionally built brick-and-mortar homes
  • New manufactured homes offer a wide variety of designs and colors, allowing you to choose finishing materials according to your liking. Amenities that can be added to a traditionally built home can also be included in the construction of a manufactured home

Speed of construction is another great advantage of manufactured homes – with the added benefit of knowing when it will be finished.

Modern manufactured homes are nothing like the mobile homes built before the 1970s. Today, mobile home construction must follow strict guidelines, benefit from modern construction technologies and state-of-the-art materials, and the finished manufactured home can increase in value over time, just like a traditionally built home.

Looking for Manufactured Home Financing in Coastal California?

At Community West Bank, we specialize in financing for mobile homes – manufactured homes – and serve communities throughout the coastal area of California, from San Diego to San Francisco.

If you’re interested in a mobile home and need financing, please contact us right away. We’re ready to discuss your options and ensure that you get the best loan for your needs and budget.

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