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  • What information do I need to start the mobile home loan application process?

    To start the loan application process to purchase a mobile home, be prepared to provide your tax returns, paystubs and bank statements. And your mobile home purchase down payment will vary, based in part on the age of the house.

  • I’ve never owned a home before, where do I start?

    To buy a mobile home, start with your Community West Banker. Your lender can help answer questions up front, and provide useful information about the process of buying and financing your mobile home.

  • How is financing a mobile home different from financing other types of homes?

    Financing a mobile home purchase is very different from buying and financing a traditionally built single family home or condo. It takes a special lender, with experience in mobile home loans, to handle the financing of manufactured homes, also known as mobile homes.

  • Is there a difference between a mobile home and a manufactured home?

    People may refer to a mobile home as a manufactured home, a modular home and some may even call them trailers. They are all the same to us. And we’re ready to talk to you about financing your… mobile home!

  • When I buy a mobile home, what do I own?

    When you buy a mobile home you own the home, the structure in which you live. You also have rights to the land – but in a mobile home park, you do not own the land on which your home resides.

  • Mobile home vs. Condo – are they the same?

    A mobile home is not the same as a condominium. The differences between mobile homes and condos are distinct and important – and may help you decide which is best for you and your family.