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Living the Good Life in a Manufactured Home

September 25th, 2020

Nearly 17.7 million Americans enjoy the many amenities and features that come with mobile home living. A significant mobile home culture has developed, with residents appreciating the cost-effective comfort and security that these communities offer. Mobile home living can provide a very viable and attractive solution for today’s expensive housing climate. Below, we share a few great reasons for why that is.

Manufactured Homes Promote Energy Efficiency

mobile home living

Manufactured homes are able to capitalize on energy efficiency. Many are built to utilize sustainable energy such as solar panels. Cooling membranes can be equipped in the roof to help minimize energy consumption. Many manufactured homes also include energy-efficient appliances.

Manufactured homes also offer the advantage that they often cost less to upgrade for energy efficiency, compared to other types of homes. Such cost-effective upgrades can elevate the value of your home while saving you hundreds of dollars each year in energy costs.

Design Your Home

Building a manufactured home takes considerably less time than building out the bones of a brick-and-mortar home. Since manufactured homes are prefabricated, you are able to design the home to a specific floor-plan to suit your family’s needs and lifestyle more quickly than with many other types of homes.

And unlike other homes, manufactured homes also tend to stick more closely to the base price, less likely to fluctuate with volatile costs of labor and materials, which can cause delays and inflated budgets. The cost you are quoted for a manufactured home is generally what you pay, which is ideal for those with a strict budget.

Getting the Most for Your Money

Mobile home living allows you to place your manufactured home within the community and neighborhood that you want. Compared to renting many apartments, mobile homes also tend to offer larger, family-sized dwelling at an affordable price.

In California, mobile homes can start as low as approximately $50,000 to well over $1,000,000. Luxurious communities with full-service amenities can be found sprinkled throughout the state. There is a mobile home park community that can fit just about anyone’s needs and budget.


mobile home living

Many mobile home manufacturers back their homes with warranties, which can give you peace of mind about your investment. Make sure that you read and understand the warranty information and keep it in a safe place for reference should you have any questions or problems with your home.

Financing Your Mobile Home

When you find the right manufactured home to fit your needs, there are a number of financing options available to you. Speaking with a financial institution that specializes in mobile home financing is highly recommended so that you are able to secure the most favorable loan rates and payment options available.

Mobile home living provides an enjoyable living solution for millions of people. The cost savings of manufactured homes are well documented — you get more for your money and your budget remains intact if and when you design your home. Searching for the ideal location can be easy since there are so many options available to you.

Living the mobile home lifestyle may be just the solution you were looking for!

At Community West Bank, we specialize in manufactured home loans in California. If you’re interested in a mobile home and need a loan, contact us right away. We’re happy to discuss your options and ensure you get the best loan for your needs and budget.

mobile home living

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