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What You Need To Know About Modern Mobile Homes

March 18th, 2021

If the prospect of living in a mobile home does not appeal to you at first, please make sure you’re not basing your opinion on an outdated perspective!

Modern mobile homes (or manufactured homes) have come a long way since starting to appear in the 1960s as viable options in the US housing market. They were first promoted as an alternative for hopeful homeowners who couldn’t afford a traditionally-built home, and their quality in some cases was not the best. But construction quality improved considerably when the National Mobile Home Construction and Safety Act and the HUD Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards were introduced to ensure mobile homes meet higher standards.

Today’s mobile homes provide everything you need for a modern, comfortable living space, offered at much lower prices than more traditional housing options.

Not Just Mobile

When they first appeared, manufactured homes were meant to be mobile and allow homeowners to move everything relatively easily – in case there was a need to change cities for better opportunities. This type of mobility was very appealing way back in the day, but currently, mobility is not the primary selling feature of manufactured homes that it once was.

Modern mobile homes have kept up with the times, and you can now find a wide variety of options in terms of their style, comfort level, and price. These homes come in many sizes, and the key difference between manufactured homes and traditionally-constructed homes is that a mobile home is built entirely in a climate-controlled facility – not built directly on the land the home will sit on.

When construction is complete, the mobile home is transported and placed on the site it will reside, usually on blocks or metal piers. If needed, mobile homes constructed today can still be transported to another site in the future.

Stunning Modern Mobile Homes You’ll Love

Modern mobile homes are designed for maximum comfort and aesthetic appeal, so you have many affordable options currently available to you.

Let’s review some stunning examples of modern mobile homes, to provide you with ideas of what a manufactured home can look like, and whet your appetite for mobile home living:

Casita Home is an example of a modern 2-story mobile home that may appeal to those looking for a minimalist approach to home design, and a good option for larger families who need a bit of extra space for comfortable living.

Rivers Edge Home is a manufactured home construction design style that may appeal to young couples looking to buy their first home – or even those close to retirement in need of a cozy place to live in a quiet area. It has a modern design with an open kitchen and living room, and a porch in front to relax on sunny days.

Mount Shasta Home - while mobile homes often have the amenities spaces in the middle of the house, with the bedrooms surrounding them, a design like Mount Shasta does things differently - bedrooms are placed at the back, and the amenities sit in the front to create a more luxurious living experience.

Interested in a Mobile Home? We Can Help!

Many modern mobile homes provide a lot of comforts and aesthetic appeal. If you’ve found the perfect manufactured home and need help in financing this purchase, we would be happy to help.

At Community West Bank, we offer manufactured home loans for borrowers looking to purchase their mobile homes and enjoy the benefits offered by pre-built houses. Contact us to get started, and take a look at our blog articles and videos if you’d like to learn more about the benefits of purchasing a manufactured home.

Modern Mobile Homes

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