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Community West Bank (CWB) & Central Valley Community Bank (CVCB) Merger FAQs

1. Why is Community West Bank merging with Central Valley Community Bank?

Over the past 34-years, we have built an attractive commercial bank in an enviable market area. Our Board of Directors and Management regularly consider what is in the best interest of our clients, employees and shareholders. After careful consideration, we determined that combining with Central Valley Community Bank was in the best interest to serve all our valued stakeholders. This combination will expand our client territory, enhance our product and service offerings, create opportunities for our team and reward our shareholders.

2. What will the resulting company look like?

The combined company will incorporate all seven of our current banking offices and will operate as “Community West Bank” and “Community West Bancshares” going forward. When the merger is completed, the combined company will be one of the largest community banks in Central California with approximately $3.6 billion in total assets, $3.1 billion in deposits, $2.2 billion in loans and 27 banking centers in 11 counties. Additional details regarding this merger can be found at under our News & Market Data, in the Press Release section.

3. When will the merger take place?

Among other customary closing conditions, the merger requires the approval of regulators and shareholders of both Community West Bancshares and Central Valley Community Bancorp. We expect the merger to be completed in the 2nd quarter of 2024. Additional client and shareholder communication will be ongoing as we move towards closing.

4. Will CWB’s name change?

No. Upon the close of the merger, the combined company will retain our name – Community West Bank and Community West Bancshares.

5. What benefits will be realized as a result of the merger?

  • The Company will benefit – from being a united entity that combines over 43-years of financial success, stability and service to clients and communities.
    The merger will combine “the best of both banks” into a larger, improved commercial community bank whose network will span from Greater Sacramento in the north to communities throughout the San Joaquin Valley to our Central Coast region in the west.
  • Clients will benefit – from the added convenience of a significantly more sizeable area, expanded and improved products and services, enhanced technologies, a larger network of experienced bankers, a higher lending limit and treasury management, and our combined organization’s brand of exceptional service.
  • Communities will benefit – from the impact of greater charitable gifts and the support of professional expertise and volunteerism.
  • Team members will benefit – from the strength of a growing organization offering greater opportunities for collaboration, career advancement and technology solutions.
  • Shareholders will benefit – from the combined company’s earnings power, scale and potential for growth.

6. Will any offices be closed?

No. We do not anticipate any banking offices to close as a result of the merger.

7. How will my accounts change?

For now, there are no changes to your banking relationship. Following the close of the merger, we will begin the process of integrating and transitioning the critical systems of two banks to work harmoniously as one. Fortunately, the core operating system for both banks is the same, so minimal impact to your banking relationship should be experienced.
Rest assured, we will regularly communicate with you throughout the merger process and well in advance of any impacts to your accounts. We are committed to the highest level of service, to which you have become accustomed, and the combined bank team will ensure a seamless transition of your banking accounts.

8. What is changing now, before the merger is complete?

Nothing! For now, and until the close of the merger, it is business as usual for CWB. You can count on the same professional staff serving your financial needs.

9. Will you continue to focus on Community Banking?

Absolutely. Both CWB and CVCB were founded on core values that include personalized, professional client service and relationship banking. These values will remain unchanged following the merger, and a united commitment to community banking will continue to be demonstrated daily. This includes investing in relationships by providing exceptional and responsive service, from knowledgeable bankers who personally know their clients and go the extra mile to provide customized, value-added financial solutions.

10. Will FDIC coverage of my accounts change?

There will be no changes to your FDIC insurance now or after the merger. Your accounts will continue to be covered by the standard maximum deposit insurance amount of $250,000 per depositor.

11. What changes will I notice in my day-to-day dealings with CWB?

During this time of transition, our banking office team and Relationship Managers will continue to provide you with the same relationship banking service to which you have become accustomed for all your loan and deposit needs.
This includes our staff in the Manufactured home loan division, Treasury or Commercial Lending and underwriting teams.
Following the completion of the merger, you will benefit from the added convenience of a significantly more sizeable service area, expanded and improved products and services, a larger network of experienced bankers, enhanced technologies, a higher lending limit and treasury management and our combined organization’s brand of exceptional service.